39 Hours of Prayer at Life Church

House of Prayer

This past weekend (Life Church) completed a continuous 39-hour prayer meeting, and it was a terrific time together in the presence of the Lord. Over a year ago, some of us attended the Salt & Light leadership conference in Oxford  and we were impacted by one of the speakers, Peter Creig. He was one of the founders of the 24/7 prayer movement that has seen prayer rooms launched in churches all over the world. His message was not about a method, but more about motivation. By the end of our time together, we left motivated to pray.

Upon returning we began to talk about it, and one of the fathers in the church, Jerry, began to work on an administration that would pull us all together. Before we go any further, we should answer the question that was often asked during those days: “What is the Biblical significance of the 39 hours?” In short, there isn’t one. We just decided to start on Friday at 7pm and go till Sunday at 10am, which totaled 39 hours. Very spiritual!

So we began, and with less than two-weeks’ notice we were organized with a schedule, facilitators, gatekeepers, and worship teams to launch it all on Friday night. We began with three hours of worship and followed that with two-hour segments focused on various topics – the government, legacy, spiritual renewal, the C2C family of churches, church plants, and so much more. At different points throughout each day, you would encounter various atmospheres of the Spirit and touch the compassionate heart of God in intercession.

When I stopped by briefly on Saturday afternoon, I was warmly greeted by Alicia as I stepped into the sanctuary where the lights were dim and music played softly. There was a sense of reverence and a fear of the Lord while Nicole and Michelle were separately, quietly, and yet powerfully interceding. As I slipped out to leave, I marveled at the diversity in the expression of worship and prayer in the body of Christ.

Fast-forward twelve hours, and I was in that same room with a dozen young people interceding for their generation. When the bars in Kirksville closed that night, there were young people crying out to God, petitioning Heaven for the destiny of those in the grip of sin and desperately in need of a Savior. Again, an awesome moment with the Lord and His people.

Four hours later a smaller group gathered and began to pray for healing 39 prayer 1for the sick, wisdom for healthcare providers, and righteous compassion in our healthcare system. The list of those to pray for was long, but so was the grace to pray. The Bible often speaks of the compassion that motivated Jesus to action, and you could perceive that same compassion in the heart of these people as they prayed for healing, wisdom, and grace.

The picture above is a snapshot of one of the walls of the auditorium that was our prayer room for those 39 hours. It has lists of topics that we prayed for as we prayed that the Kingdom of Heaven would come to Earth. It is a tremendous chronicle of the tapestry of prayer that occurred, and served as a launch for the season of prayer that we are in.

These are just a few examples of ways the Lord met us as a church that weekend. We are grateful to God for calling is to draw near to Him! This was only the beginning, and we have been changed and adjusted and motivated as we have prayed. We confidently expect the fruit of our prayers, both in our own lives and in the lives of those we serve, as the will of God is done here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Danny Dunn

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Coast to Coast Fall Conference 2014 Registration

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