Prophetic Conference and Training in Raleigh NC

Part II of the Prophetic Conference and Training will be held in Raleigh NC on February 5-7th.  You can register online at

prophetic conferemce pt 2

Team from Restoration Church in India

In November a team from Restoration church in Casper, Wyoming traveled to India to work alongside Paul John who is part of the Scandinavian team in our Salt and Light Family.  Most of our C2C family knows Paul who grew up in India and leads a church in Falun, Sweden.  He also serves on the Scandinavian team along with […]

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Expansion in Fresno

From I Phone 475

One of the goals we have across our C2C family during the next season is “extension through mission and breakthrough.” We desire to see the five spheres expand as we strengthen the base churches and plant out from them.  Bread of Life Church in Fresno, CA ( has recently experienced major changes as they are moving […]

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Developing Sphere in the Philippines

"Building Church Relationally" Conference

For the past 15 years Life Church, Heartland Bible College, and others have joined in helping Bobby and Noemi Pino with their work in the Philippines. The works include a Bible college, church plants, as well as other benevolent outreaches.  Over the years Tony Fajkus has coordinated the charge through short term medical missions, crusades, […]

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Open Homes Making an Impact

Patty Fajkus

Our C2C Family is recently being stirred by the idea of mission through open homes.  Our call is to be both salt and light.  Salt has to have contact  to make impact.  As people are able to get close to us in real life, what Peter described begins to happen. 1 Pet 3:15 MSG  Through thick and thin, […]

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Be The Message!


Don and I have lived on the same street for 29 years, and several of our neighbors were here before we bought our home. About the time we moved in with our four young children, we discovered two other families, with children similar in age, had also moved next door. As our children connected, we […]

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Reaching the Nations in our Neighborhoods through Open Homes


We are a family of Spirit filled disciples together on God’s mission.  Missions is everyone, everywhere, all the time.  It is both in the nations as well as in our neighborhoods and sometimes the nations are all around us.  For nations that are in our neighborhoods open homes create unique opportunities.  Here is a testimony from Derek and […]

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Mission Through Open Homes

We are moving towards an emphasis of expansion through mission and extension.  We have seen new plants across our C2C family facilitated mainly through homes.  Some of our C2C family has recently had the privilege of having Stanley and Esme Mehta traveling among our churches.  Over the past 33+ years Stanley has lead the Salt and […]

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Everyday Missionary Releasing God’s Power in Omaha


A couple of goals we have as a family of churches during the next season is extension through mission, and becoming more proficient in moving in God’s supernatural power.  Missions is not just an occasional trip to a far away place in order to work for Jesus.  Missions is everyone, everywhere, all time time.  It […]

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The Living Room and War Room in Raleigh NC

We have three goals that we have agreed to work on across the C2C Family during the next season. 1) Making extension through breakthrough and mission a priority for the C2C family. 2) Emphasize, equip (become more proficient in) and release supernatural life in our churches and regions. 3) See an increase of, and base our work […]

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