Everyday Missionary Releasing God’s Power in Omaha

A couple of goals we have as a family of churches during the next season is extension through mission, and becoming more proficient in moving in God’s supernatural power.  Missions is not just an occasional trip to a far away place in order to work for Jesus.  Missions is everyone, everywhere, all time time.  It is across the street as well as across the ocean.  It is in the normal course of our everyday life that missional opportunities come our way.  We are seeking to release God’s life and power everyday among people who need Him.

NickNick Davis who is a member of “The Family Room” in Omaha NE had a recent encounter in which He saw the power of God released while on an everyday missions trip in Omaha.  Check out His story.

My wife and I were on our way to a youth event we were invited to speak at. We were driving in rush hour traffic and it was very busy. We needed to get something to eat before the event so we started driving around in an unfamiliar part of town, trying to find someplace to eat. We saw a Schlotzsky’s and decided to get some food via the drive thru. As we pulled up to the window to pay I noticed that the teenage girl that had took our order had her arm in a sling. As we were waiting for her to return to the window with our food, I turn to my wife and said I am going to pray for her arm. My wife stated what I was already thinking, that we were late. I replied “Yes, I know we are late but it will only take 10 seconds”. The girl opened the window and handed us our food. I asked her what her name was, which she told us, and then I asked her what happened to her arm. She replied that she had injured her elbow and it was in a lot of pain. I then asked her if I could pray for her arm. There were two other of her co-workers standing by her and now they started watching what was going to unfold. She replied yes, so I pointed at her arm and said a short prayer, telling her how awesome Jesus thinks she is and commanded the pain to leave. She replied ‘thank you’, and started to turn away, but I told her to check her elbow for the pain. She started looking for the pain and then she got this confused look on her face and then started exclaiming ‘what just happened, it doesn’t hurt anymore, I can’t believe this!’, and now the other co-workers looked confused and started asking her what happened. I called her back over to the window and told her that Jesus loved her, and asked her if she knew Jesus. She said she did, and I told her what Jesus said in the scriptures about healing, and that she could do the same thing. She gave us a heartfelt ‘thank you’, and you could see that she had been changed by Jesus in that moment. 

The Living Room and War Room in Raleigh NC

We have three goals that we have agreed to work on across the C2C Family during the next season. 1) Making extension through breakthrough and mission a priority for the C2C family. 2) Emphasize, equip (become more proficient in) and release supernatural life in our churches and regions. 3) See an increase of, and base our work […]

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Divine Appointments in Quincy

Quincy 3

The Kingdom is expanding in Quincy IL!  On September 7th, 2015 our church family  gathered for a picnic to honor Labor Day at a local park in town.  I saw a man  walking through the park and the Holy Spirit spoke to me to go meet him.  I  intrroduce myself to him and he did […]

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Churches Working Together In Waverly MO


One of our goals as a family of churches is to connect with the wider body of Christ where we can to labor to bring the goodness of Christ to our communities.  In Waverly they recently completed the 4th year of churches coming together to offer a week long community Vacation Bible School for children.  […]

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Planting in homes

Quincy Plant

Romans 16:5  also greet the church that is in their house. One of the areas of emphasis God has given the C2C family over the next few years is “extension through mission and breakthroughs.”  One of the ways we have begun to see movement in this mandate is new missional plants in homes.  We have seen […]

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Making Plans for the C2C Fall Conference in Casper WY

Pittsburg Elders are getting the word out and making plans for a road trip to the C2C Fall Conference in Casper WY, August 26-28.  Here is their commercial.  Everybody get the word out, ROAD TRIP!!!!!!

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International Team meeting and Nordic Conference

International Team Meeting

Doug and Denise Kreighbaum, Justin Limmer, and Danny Dunn had the opportunity in May to attend the International Team Meeting as well as the Nordic Conference of Salt and Light in Vasteras Sweden.  The International Team is made up of 14 leaders from 11 different nations.  These leaders have apostolic responsibility for all the Salt […]

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Breaking two extremes of the Missionary Mystique

Missionary Mystique 1

The “Missionary Mystique” is a wrong perspective of missions that often works against God’s desire for His people.   What is the missionary mystique?  The word “mystique” means a special quality or air that makes somebody or something appear mysterious (special) or elusive.  When the average Christian hears the words “missions” or “missionary” it often carries […]

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Reports from the Equipping Evangelist Summit

Evangelist Eddie and Jim expressing in the natural the nature of their walk in the Spirit

The Equipping Evangelist Summit was held April 10-12 in Odessa Mo.   We are so fortunate to have long time recognized Ephesian’s 4 evangelist like Glenn Middleton and Jim Morgan among our C2C family equipping the saints to share the gospel.   There was a tremendous release of the heart of Jesus the Evangelist and […]

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Standing publically in the midst of opposition

Jim Morgan

Heb 10:32-34 MSG Remember those early days after you first saw the light? Those were the hard times!  33  Kicked around in public, targets of every kind of abuse–some days it was you, other days your friends.  34…If some enemies broke in and seized your goods, you let them go with a smile, knowing they […]

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