Philippines Update

Philippines 2Here is an update from Tom and Rita Hutchens about the Philippines during June and July.  Download the link at the bottom to see a presentation of it with pictures.

Hi Everyone,

We are writing this epistle to bring you up to speed on the work of the Lord in the Philippines. Much ministry has developed since we last wrote you.  We returned from the states on February 2nd after a wonderful visit with various churches and friends of the faith.  We were welcomed with open arms and warmth.

In the months since we returned in February, we have had three conferences for leaders, an ACSM graduation, a youth camp in LaLibertad, a marriage renewal, a graduation for Word of Truth Bible Institute in Sibulan, a youth camp in Dumaguete City, a two week VBSC, not to mention teaching in the Bible College and traveling to other places to preach and teach.

 Things are moving along in several areas of ministry. Furthermore, many things are developing in the local church. Beginning on the Philippines 314th of August we will begin having discipleship classes on Sunday nights. There will be classes for four different groups. We are working toward the Life Group concept.

This is the time when we are making plans to return to the States. After discussion with the Kirksville team, we will be returning on November 21st and will be staying for the Heartland Mission Conference in March.  

We have asked David Bost to help us with our schedule while we are in the States. We would like to visit as many C2C churches as possible before returning to the Philippines.  Thanks for your prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Tommy and Rita Hutchens


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